Luentosarja: "Winter Dialogues with Russian Archaeology" alkaa 12.12.2018


Lecture series Winter Dialogues with Russian Archaeology takes place over the winter 2018–2019 and introduces a selection of invited lectures discussing some topical themes and recent research results by visiting researchers from various parts of Russia.

Everyone interested in the recent advances in Russian archaeology are welcome to listen to the lecture and join us in the discussion afterwards.
Wednesday 12 December 2018  -  visiting researcher Dr Dmitriy V. Gerasimov (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Kunstkamera, St. Petersburg):  ‘Geoarchaeology of the Eastern Gulf of Finland (two-part lecture). 1. Multilayer sites on the Karelian Isthmus: coastal chronology and palaeogeographical context; 2. Cross-Gulf correlation: cultural development and environmental events’.

Wednesday 9 January 2019 – Pavel S. Grebenyuk (N.A. Shilo North-East Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute, Magadan): Ancient maritime cultures of the Northern Priokhotye and Kamchatka in the light of human settlement of the North-Eastern Siberia.
Wednesday 23 January 2019 – Natalia I. Shishlina (State Historical Museum, Moscow): Borodino Treasure of the Bronze Age: new methods and new discoveries.
Wednesday 13 February 2019 –Aleksey Yu. Tarasov (Karelian Research Centre, Petrozavodsk): ‘Onega green slate’ tools and workshops. New insights into an old story.
Wednesday 20 February 2019 – Ekaterina V. Dolbunova (State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg / British Museum, London): 1. Neolithisation of Eastern Europe: reconsidering early Neolithic; 2. Wetland Stone Age sites in Eastern Europe: past and present researches (two-part lecture).
All lectures will take place at 4 pm, Unioninkatu 38 F, seminar room F115.
Kerkko Nordqvist
Volker Heyd

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